Meet Terry

Terry Tornek was elected in 2015 as Pasadena’s first new Mayor in 16 years. Before serving as Mayor, Terry was elected twice to the Pasadena City Council and served as Pasadena’s Planning Director where he helped establish the redevelopment plan for Old Pasadena and update our General Plan.

Working to bring people together to achieve results, under Terry’s leadership as Mayor, our city has maintained balanced budgets, rebuilt our reserves to pre-recession levels and reduced both local crime and homelessness rates last year.


Moving Pasadena Forward

Since being elected just five years ago, Terry Tornek – Pasadena’s first new Mayor in 16 years – has led the City towards important progress, helping stop the 710 Freeway extension for good, increase investments into our schools, reduce crime and maintain a balanced budget, while rebuilding our reserves to pre-recession levels.

Learn more about how Pasadena is moving forward under Mayor Terry Tornek’s leadership.


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We asked a bunch of Pasadena residents why they support Mayor Terry Tornek's re-election this November. In this clip, Law School Professor and 40-year Pasadena resident Arnold Siegel shares his
Unfortunately, my opponent has decided to launch a smear campaign in an attempt to mislead voters. My campaign focuses on the facts and rejects dirty campaigning. Make sure to cast your ballot.
Pasadena was prepared. This year hasn’t been easy, but Mayor Terry Tornek’s hard work to prepare our city for times like these has allowed us to better weather the storm. Thanks to Mayor
Pasadena, your mail-in ballots are on the way! Many of you may not have voted by mail before, so rest assured that the process is simple and safe. Please complete your ballot today and return it by
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Pasadena unites to re-elect Mayor Terry Tornek

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