A Message to Our Recent Graduates

I would like to reach out to our graduates; from High School, College, even younger students moving up to the next level.

As someone who has experienced graduations of my own, my children and my grandchildren, I understand how much year-end celebrations and ceremonies mean. So, I know how this pandemic has upended all those moments and left you all disappointed.

Now, in addition to the pandemic, you have been confronted with the terrible George Floyd killing in Minneapolis and the continued racism that it represents.

But you have stepped up immediately and forcefully to tell those of us from earlier generations, that you will not tolerate business as usual. You have led the demonstrations demanding immediate change and you are being heard.

So congratulations from me and from all of the residents of Pasadena for everything that you have already achieved.

You have persevered in the face of very challenging circumstances and you will continue to be challenged. But while much has been lost, there is even more to be gained as we emerge from these shared experiences.

All of us must face adversity during our lives and how we deal with it will frequently determine how successful we are in pushing society forward. During the 1960’s, I personally saw the impact of youth in the Civil Rights movement and the crusade against the Vietnam War. You are the successors of those marchers and as your Mayor, I commit to helping you to succeed.

Thank you for doing your part and for bearing a disproportionate share of the burden. We value your achievements to date and we are collectively committed to your success in the future.

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