City of Pasadena Homeless Update

We have just received the results of the annual Homeless count for 2020.
The good news is that Pasadena’s Homeless numbers continue to decline due to the strong efforts made by the City in partnership with our wonderful non-profit organizations. In 2019, we succeeded in housing 291 people. From a high of 1,216 homeless people in 2011, our 2020 count is down to 527. That number includes 297 people actually sleeping on the street.

Cruise for Tornek

With the High Times and On the Scene Car Club
Join us for a cruise to a variety of City parks with the High Times and On the Scene Car Club in support of Mayor Terry Tornek.
When: 1pm Saturday February, 29
Where: McDonald Park (corner of Mountain st. and Mar Vista Ave.)
Final Location: Brookside Park

Mayor Tornek Believes His Record Stands for Itself

Pasadena Now

As he exited City Hall in April of 2015, Terry Tornek said, “I wouldn’t have done a single thing differently.” Tornek had just concluded months of door-to-door campaigning for Pasadena mayor. It paid off. He said he owed his success to a simple, traditional retail politics model—reach people where they live, explain your agenda and ask for votes.

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