Monday, 12/7/20 will be my last day as Mayor of Pasadena. It has been very hard for me to accept the reality that my years of service as an elected official is actually coming to an end.

I want to thank my family, my supporters and volunteers and my campaign consultants for their tireless efforts on my behalf and on behalf of Pasadena. I am truly sorry that I couldn’t deliver a victory in return for their incredible energy and their desire to make our community better for everyone.

I am disappointed that I won’t get to work on important issues that confront our City but I am gratified by the knowledge that during the past 5 years we have made real progress and that 30,000+ Pasadena Voters were prepared to allow me to continue. It has been a real privilege to be able to serve a City that has been so wonderful to my family since we moved here in 1982.

Pasadena continues to be buffeted by the COVID Pandemic with the darkest days still to come. We must also address the needs of our most vulnerable residents and respond to cries for social justice. I believe that as a community, we are up to the challenge.

Pasadena and our Nation face challenging times, but with God’s blessings I am confident that we shall overcome and that our brightest days are still ahead.

Stay safe and thank you.