Welcome to my under-construction website. I appreciate your support!

I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together during my first term as Mayor, and would be honored to have your support and contribution. During the past four years, we’ve moved Pasadena forward in so many ways – and tackled new serious challenges.

  • We’ve killed the 710 Freeway extension for good.
  • Homelessness in Pasadena dropped 20% – a change that was identified by the L.A. Times as a “relative bright spot.”
  • Pasadena’s voters came together and invested in our local schools. I was proud to Chair the Measure I & J campaigns.
  • Our overall crime rate is down and use of force by Police is down significantly. Our new Police Chief is reorganizing his department to more effectively address ever-changing needs and I support his efforts through my service on the Public Safety Committee.

Before being elected as your Mayor, and before being elected to the City Council, I served as Planning Director and worked in the private sector. I have long focused on policies that will allow Pasadena to accommodate some new development without losing the essence of what we love about our City. I will continue to fight to protect our neighborhoods while permitting appropriate growth.

And of course, I have insisted on maintaining a balanced budget and rebuilding our reserves to pre-recession levels against unfunded retirement obligations, economic downturns and unanticipated challenges.

I’m honored to be endorsed by Pasadena’s federal and state legislators: Congressmember Judy Chu, State Senator Anthony Portantino, and Supervisor Kathryn Barger. I’d be honored to have your support, too.

Will you help me continue to move Pasadena forward? I’m up for re-election this coming March – on the same ballot as the Presidential primary election. Many more people will be voting, which means campaigns just got a lot more expensive. Please click here to contribute to my campaign.

Thank you so much for your support.
Mayor Terry Tornek

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