Meet Terry

Terry Tornek was elected in 2015 as Pasadena’s first new Mayor in 16 years. Before serving as Mayor, Terry was elected twice to serve as City Councilmember for District 7.

With a background in neighborhood improvement and historic preservation, Terry also served as Pasadena’s Planning Director, where he helped establish the redevelopment plan for Old Pasadena and update our General Plan.

Throughout his service, Terry has focused on policies that will allow Pasadena to accommodate some new development without losing the essence of what we love about our City. As Mayor, he will continue to fight to protect our neighborhoods while permitting appropriate growth.

Working to bring people together to achieve results, under Terry’s leadership as Mayor, our city has maintained balanced budgets, rebuilt our reserves to pre-recession levels and reduced both local crime and homelessness rates last year.

Committed to addressing our homelessness crisis, Terry brings with him a 20-year history serving as a Board Member of Pasadena Neighborhood Housing Services, a non-profit affordable housing organization in Pasadena and LINC Housing which has built more that 5,000 affordable units statewide.

Coming from a family of educators (including his son), Mayor Tornek led the campaign that allows the City to supplement local school funding, and was awarded the PUSD School District “Volunteer of the Year.”

Terry also served our country in the Army National Guard and Reserves and graduated from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School with a degree in Public and International Affairs and holds a Master of Science in Urban Planning from Columbia University’s School of Architecture. Terry and his wife Maria are proud to call Pasadena home for more than 30 years.