Moving Pasadena Forward

Four years ago, Pasadena voters elected former Planning Director and City Councilmember Terry Tornek – the first new Mayor in 16 years. Since then, Tornek has provided essential leadership, guiding the City towards important progress in many ways, while tackling new and serious challenges.

  • We’ve stopped the 710 Freeway extension for good – and we’re using millions in saved funds to actually improve local traffic flow!
  • Homelessness in Pasadena DROPPED 20% last year – while across LA County it INCREASED by 16% during the same period.
  • Mayor Tornek led the groundbreaking Measures I and J campaigns, bringing Pasadena’s voters together to maintain city services and invest in our local public schools.
  • Our crime rate is down and use of force by Police is down significantly. With the support of the Mayor, our new Police Chief is reorganizing his department to more effectively address ever- changing needs.
  • The Mayor used his skills as former Planning Director to protect our neighborhoods from overdevelopment.

At the same time, the Mayor successfully worked to maintain a balanced budget and rebuild our reserves to pre-recession levels against unfunded retirement obligations, economic downturns, and unanticipated challenges.

Mayor Terry Tornek provides the effective, responsible leadership that we need to keep moving Pasadena forward!